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seriously like what does israel even do for us

like we call them ‘our biggest ally’ (and I’m pretty sure that freaking Britain must have some issues with that you know?? Especially considering we’ve been pretty much best buds since the end of the War of 1812) but being an ally is a two-way street

like what do they give us that we could not do for ourselves if we stopped giving them that $3.1 billion and fueled it back into the US

All the medical and tech stuff? We could do it here. Create more jobs and fuel more money back into the economy

like we supposedly use Israel as a diplomatic foothold because they’re the only ‘democracy’ in the Middle East but they’re not even a democracy (they’re a theocratic republic) and we gain absolutely nothing from being allies with Israel because it makes everybody else in the region hate us

Our diplomatic ties with pretty much every other Middle Eastern country would improve by like ten miles if we disavowed Israel

seriously what the hell do we gain from being allies with Israel and dumping billions of dollars down the drain for them???


World peace is on the decline — and only getting worse

On Wednesday, Australia’s Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) released its annual Global Peace Index and its findings do not reflect well on international security and stability. According to the IEP, 111 countries have deteriorated in peace levels since 2008, while only 51 countries have improved — representing the lowest levels in the past 60 years. The IEP attributed the decline over the past year to “a rise in terrorist activity, the number of conflicts fought and the number of refugees and displaced people.”

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Ads Against Apartheid (AAA) launched these brilliant ads on the Boston subway system this week.

“The ads simply state the facts and are backed up with citations from credible human rights and international organizations, including the United Nations,” said Chadi Salamoun, the president of Ads Against Apartheid, who added that “if the ads are shocking, that’s because the reality on the ground is shocking.”

Richard Colbath-Hess, a Jewish-American faculty member at the University of Massachusetts, and the co-founder of Ads Against Apartheid, noted that “American tax dollars help the Israeli government maintain an incredibly brutal military occupation, which has denied the Palestinian people their basic rights for decades. These ads show what Israel’s occupation and apartheid really look like, and it is important for Americans to see that.”

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Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


Holy shit, Anthony Weiner actually said something important.

Carlos danger said in accurate statement.


I’ve followed Weiner for a while and besides his penchant for sending his dick to folks, dude has some great ideas.

You know, I’ve always been incredibly astounded by the fact that in almost none of the cases surrounding the gay marriage debate did anyone bring up the fact that the same-sex marriage bans had basically the same wording and language as the interracial marriage bans

like did no one think that it was important

did no one think it was interesting that the laws regarding same-sex marriage were worded basically the same as laws that were declared unconstitutional 30 something years ago

You can’t just start the clock on 9/11 and forget 50 years of unjust oppressive Western foreign policies in the Middle East.

Medhi Hasan

Thank God someone finally said this. I’m so sick of stating that Western intervention and invasion of other countries fuels terrorism only for people to respond 'They did 9/11 first!' 

In 1953 the UK & the US staged a coup of the democratically elected leader of Iran and installed a dictator who was more to their liking. Today the US continues to support brutal dictators (such as in Saudi Arabia) where it suits them to do so. Palestine has been occupied for decades. The list of Western imperial foreign policies over the past decades could go on and on.

9/11 was not only only a result religious extremism and it certainly was not because 'they hate our freedoms.' Terrorism is often primarily politically motivated and anyone who is serious about preventing it had better take some fucking notice of this fact.

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Proposing The Terrorists have reasons is to propose that they are not soulless demons to be unequivocally wiped out, which is to propose they are rational actors, which implies the Global War on Terror is a calculated cover up, which is to speak treason!

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